Karate is so much more than a skill

Kako Genzai Mirai Karate offers classes of Karate for children and adults at 4 locations throughout Melbourne. Children aged 5 and up have an opportunity to develop karate skills, discipline, self confidence and if they wish they can also have a chance to move up in belt ranks and participate in a variety of tournaments, seminars and other important karate events.

Karate gives you:

  • Self Defence
  • Improves Your Health
  • Improves Your Balance
  • Teaches Respect

What is Karate?

Karate is a martial art for the development of character through training, so that the karate-ka (the karate student) can mount any obstacle, tangible or intangible. It is an empty-handed art of self-defense in which the body itself is used as a weapon through techniques of punching, kicking, striking, and blocking. Of primary importance in the study of karate are form, balance, "centered-ness", power, speed, kime (concentration of power), rhythm and timing.

Training transforms various parts of the body into weapons to be used freely and effectively. The quality to accomplish this is self-control. To become a victor, one must first overcome his own self.

About five hundred years ago, karate as a martial art was cultivated in Okinawa under the reign of the famous hero, King Shohashi. Three hundred years later, the development of karate as a means of unarmed self defense received tremendous impetus, since the use of weapons had been prohibited on the island by the Japanese government. Because of this national policy, the self-defense techniques developed into a unique Okinawan martial art style of karate - karate as we know it today. In 1922, Master Gichin Funakoshi, President of the Okinawan Association of Martial Arts, introduced karate-do to the mainland of Japan.

The Instructors

There are 4 instructors who assist in teaching classes at Diamond Creek, Eltham, Knox & Warranwood dojos. They come with complementary experience to enhance the spirit of unity in diversity and are involved in guiding the practitioners through the programs at Kako Genzai Mirai.



Kyoshi Darren Hoggan



Renchi Steven Vella


Diamond Creek

Dai Sempai Michael Sterling



Sempai Jason McKenzie

Mark Haldane

Blackburn South

Sensei Mark Haldane

Our Philosophy

“Courage, Justice, Veracity, Loyalty, Politeness, Honour, Benevolence”

Martial Arts are the movements of life done to their maximum potential.


to be brave against all odds


to be fair to all


to be truthful at all times


to be faithful


to be courteous to all


to be of high reputation


to be good & charitable

At Kako Genzai Mirai we believe in the seven principles taught by Karate.
These are known as the “Seven Codes of the Bushido”, and are shown above.
Bushido means, “the Way of the Warrior” and was developed between the 9th and 20th Centuries and describes the Japanese way of life that a Samurai would live by.

Bushido is the code of moral principles which the Samurai were required or instructed to observe.

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